Anatomy of a $HITCOIN Launch and trying not to get BURNED!

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For those late night cryptosphere observers, we can sometimes see rockets at night. This one might fly 5 sec, 5 min or 5 hours. Charts will the state of the bulls and bears to either get rid of this shitcoin before it explodes. $hitcoins are long-shorts. Yes, you might his the jackport but otherwise, you can expect they before the greatest thing, then die off. Sometimes, the "rug pull" happens faster than others. You might end up with an or a after the spectacular .com crash. 20 years later, here we are again it seems.

Well cryto in the form of well managed Bitcoin and Ethereum is safe heaven. In this tutorial, I will attempt to show from the launch detection to the hopeful exit.
Trade closed: target reached: As with any $HITCOIN, knowing when to exit the roller coaster is *critical*. Unlike traditional equities that are protected by Regulators in your jurisdiction, crypto is the wild west with only the top layer being regulated. The "layers" between the blue chip coins (ETH and BTC) and the rest is huge. The next layer, includes all the zombie has beens (LTC and XRP once leaders in their safe), DOGe, little SHIBter, plump ADA and the rest of the band-aid coins that were create to fill the temporary voids of the major coins (BTC and ETH).
FOr this $hitcoin, it could just rest here and keep going, but this could be the high. Since we don't know, we close position, head back into cash (Ethereum in the cryptoverse until CDBCs are government backed and all counterfeit "stablecoin" jobs get authorized by the respective governments) The *USD* coins? Well anyone who thinks they can compete the US better be sure they can. This is where the US needs to OWN ALL *USD* type coins and prevent any further scammers from minting virtual USD dollars. Anyway, this $HITCOIN hit 20% today, most people wait 10+ years to make that in now negative legacy markets (the green of the SPX is fake, all fakes get found out at some point).
Trade active: Jumped backed on the trade, second leg came faster than expected.
Trade closed: target reached: Cashing out to ETH and BTC. May jump back in after it's cooled down like puppy DOGe...