Loopring, The Time Has Come

This one's set for an explosive move of unparalleled proportion.

As always, it's important you educate yourself and dyor! This is purely a speculative personal analysis.

I've been stacking LRC for quite a while now. This is the one of the few remaining layer twos that hasn't seen its day yet. Largely in part because of its novel complexity(ZK-rollups) and the recent market correction, it has been difficult for the average joe to wrap their head around its utility. That's all set to change very soon.

This is one of the most bleeding edge-crypto tech of its kind. We've seen Vitalik acknowledge this on several occasions.
“In the medium to long term ZK rollups will win out in all use cases as ZK-SNARK technology improves” — Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum )

This is one of the the most stacked teams in all of the crypto ecosystem with some serious pedigree. Pioneering the next generation of L2. The product is about to reflect that real soon, making it one of the most popular decentralized exchanges of its kind. Comparable to its centralized counterparts like Coinbase, Binance, etc.


OBV - We're seeing buying pressure remain consistent in its trajectory. Seeing a consistent multi-month climb of OBV, regardless of the recent market volatility , it has maintained its structure. Overall it's looking good.
RSI - Originally bordering on oversold and lying dormant, RSI's cooled down since the recent market correction and breaking out of a wedge formation. Ready to accommodate an explosive climb.
MACD - Looks like it has been weighed down long enough by BTCs gravitational pull. Recently, flipping bullish after nearly a month.
STOCH - On the BTC Pairing: We've been able to flip the stochastic from a recent downtrend, altering its trajectory back into a climb.
Comment: So far so good. We've got Ethport making its debut soon. I'm expecting the price action to go parabolic when it does.