A Ethereum base market and two new trading pairs were released by Poloniex yesterday - POLONIEX:DAOETH & POLONIEX:LSKETH. This offers an interesting opportunity for Ethereum holders who want to invest in LSK but do not wish to pay for the double conversion fee of exchanging ETH into BTC , and paying another fee to buy LSK. A smart move by the exchange operators to keep clients happy and trading volume up. LSK/ETH could be a great tool for investors to gauge market dynamics while also providing information for trading strategies moving forward.

Today's live interview with recently appointed Lisk senior advisor Charles Hoskinson revealed a lot about the potential of Lisk for developers, users and investors alike. The price of Lisk went up about 8% during the interview, and price seems to have stabilized so far, hovering in the low 80k range. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIMk-A7L...

Expect this new trading pair to help with the next Lisk bull run and expect to see wild spikes of volatility in this small but emerging LSK/ETH market.
Trade closed: stop reached: Waiting for more historical data before entering larger positions in this market.