LTC to outperform ETH in the next year

BINANCE:LTCETH   Litecoin / Ethereum
Since 1.5 year, ETH has been outperforming LTC. From 0.57 ETH, LTC is now valuing 0.11 ETH.

In this period, ETH went from 240$ (June 2019) and 1870$ (today). 780% growth.

On LTC side, we went from 120$ (June 2019) to 220$ (today). ONLY 83% growth.

Greyscale is now charging a 1500% premium to buy LTC from them.
We can see the Chikun is getting ready.

For that reason, I'm switching my ETH to LTC today.
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i sold a bunch to LTC today too based on the way the charts are looking
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Lets see if we reverse from here!