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The ETH Hype has really beaten this coin down, and that makes sense because "FOMO" causes all the LTC investors to go take part in ETH Run. IMHO that is the reason why LTC retraced back from its previous breakout. Fortunately, we can see another LT triangle forming which should attract a good amount of traders.

1st BCH Run, DONE
2nd BTC Run, DONE
3rd XRP Run, DONE
4th ETH Run, DONE

And I see this pattern repeating when I analyze the charts side by side.

Unfortunately, these coins have no intrinsic value and some price action may not seem logical. There is an equal number of Loozers to the Winners in the Crypto Market. Most of the big time winners are the institutional traders, not the common people! Like the last sell-off, I am sure the fat cats are waiting to buy at a certain level around 200-175. If this falls to that level this coin will also be their property. ST . Will defend the triangle, because they like having good stuff for themselves :). 9:00 am EST tomorrow will make no sense to people who are still waiting.
Comment: Let the volatility commence!
Comment: St. Defended the triangle, the smart money should be in. We might see this coin around 270 area before Sunday if everything goes as planned. I am finally getting used to the pattern of crypto trading. We, humans, learn from our mistakes and here is what I have learned from my 4 months exposure to the gdax coins:
1. If one coin is gaining, other ones will lose!
2. There is no "hedge", however, you can short any coins that are not gaining if you feel its too risky to get into the hype.
3. You want to go long on a coin that is gaining,
4. Time to sell during ATH is when the momentum stops completely on a fib and makes a double top, rising wedge, or head and shoulders while rsi is high and macd is red. It will stall at that point, thats a dead give away. *The price will recover for a short duration before falling again.
5. Once you are out, you need to wait for things to cool down before going in again. Never ever fomo because the coin itself has no value. The coin has value when people are ready to buy the coin at a certain price, else no one is interested.
6. Fundamentals do not count, its all about technicals and sentiments. There is no way to price a coin for their fundamentals.

We will add to this note if something different happens.
Comment: ETH gaining again, lets hope ltc holds the triangle at any cost to avoid megaphone from forming.
Comment: what does this mean?
Comment: oh and there is that inv head and shoulders!
Comment: here is the position finder
Comment: Many people ask me my entry price. I buy at lines and sell at lines, I do not have any price in my mind. Also, if I don't get the entry (which usually doesn't happen) I waite for next line, I don't FOMO.
Comment: Nicely retested the fib, Are going to 259 or its going to have a minor break at 252 level.. We will see.
Comment: Important levels to look for, short-term
Comment: so breakout again?
Comment: My no.4 theory holds
Comment: hope you guys saw that... recovered a little, and down like predicted!
Comment: avoid fomo -_-
Comment: I wouldn't short it, only brave souls do, only trade one direction and the direction that is trending. that's my way to avoid unnecessary risk. Becuase if it breaks it breaks, we missed some profits fine, but we don't want a loss.
Comment: looks like going up again.
Comment: morning start on 30 min time fram, usually bullish, and broke the previous high, bullish again.
Comment: lets watch out for the retracement at D in 4 hr time frame. That would be my "sell all, waite and see" zone.
Comment: I see a retest, volume bull
Comment: Restest ending with hammer is generally bullish everything says its completing the waves !
Comment: The reason why we don't short :D and go with the trend.
Comment: This is acting strange...
Comment: My stop is at red... XD
Comment: Might make a rising wedge, it will run if it crosses its resistance.
Comment: careful guys
Comment: sold the half at the wedge, will sell everything if goes below the wedge no loss!
Comment: Thats the distance from d atm.
Comment: idk whats going to happen still golding half with stop below wedge.
Comment: volume price divergence is starting to show..
Trade closed: stop reached: lets see what happens :D
Comment: It didn't hit the D area in 30 min chart. However, I decided to close the trade because I saw the rising wedge pattern with the price volume divergence, which is dead give away bear signal.

Bulls still have an edge because the RSI didn't hit the oversold which makes me wonder if the price will bounce at some point to complete the D. Also note that wave E decreases in % if the price within the triangle stalls for a bit, which is a good psychological reinforcement for common people

I would definitely short this if it hit the D in my 30 min chart, but I don't want to take the risk at the moment, I am a buyer at E. Either way, the bulls will be the winner after it breaks out of the triangle.

Alex saw that LTC was trading independently against the bitcoin, this might be a signal to a potential LTC run. Thank you Alex.
Comment: Lol didn't think it would tank that hard! FOMO is a killer, but its too late XD, I will catch some at e hopefully :D
Comment: so I believe it did what was predicted... lets see if it goes what are the odds! this prediction would be 100% accurate if this touches 275 lol.
Comment: OMG what happened to this, lol E comming sooner than expected? expecting this is an impulse wave, the bottom should be in 230ish lol
Comment: Buy order placed at 230 :P, what are the odds!
Comment: looking at obv...
Comment: Don't fall for the cheap bull traps....
Comment: come to papa!
Comment: 1st one hit...
Comment: don't fomo this at all
Comment: chill and relax! wave 5 comming to town soon
Comment: No pain no gain is the name of the game... One more sell off, trapped enough everyday joes with the bear flag channel!
Comment: I am in 230 avg price! lets go lets go!!
Comment: Wall St. Always wins :) To the moon!
Comment: retesting 230.688ish to get more volume ! should go up 12345, a completed b testing 230.68, then c shoud be higer... thenbull 12345 should break the triangle. thats the theory.
Comment: bulls wat to break 240 level to go higher. retest is 30% likely
Comment: low risk traders will be waiting at 240.68 level
Comment: Looks like its going to test the cloud, second chance people!
Comment: 233ish is a buy if you missed that sell-off, volume is good!
Comment: Scalpers, Should bounce at the blue pan and head down to the cloud 33.41-31 ish area... its just a guess
Comment: enter if the neck voilation occurs, 50% chance
Comment: Enjoy your gain folks!
Comment: Something to note: Watch price, volume action closely.
Comment: Wave wise:
Comment: since the market is closed... I have nothing to do. I bought 134, my guess is its going to follow the abcde from the "wave wise" chart. I am holding my Long term position at 230 avg.
Comment: why is this so ez....
Comment: placed sell order at 147, lets see what it does now.
Comment: sold half because the price moved too fast
Comment: it broke it :D
Comment: :( stuck inside aio cloud, sentiment bullish, volume bullish, that's what counts - short term
Comment: Im bored...make a move, go up or go down
Comment: stoped with profit, buyback here or after the break
Comment: it hit i bought :)
Comment: trend was updated! stop below the wedge
Comment: sell half at c
Comment: stoped with loss.
Comment: Watchout, TA didn't predict this sell off , broke out from a bull triangle, stalled and went below.
Comment: Are we going to hit the trendline e?
Comment: That selloff yielded some uncanny results, Trade this at your own risk, the triangle is bullish however the set up in a big picture is not.
Comment: 230 avg people, its your call :)
Comment: reitererating
Comment: This is my last note for today.
Comment: LTC followed the exact path of the triangle that I posted before going to bed. It is all clear of all the major danger zone! There is still a chance that the price may retrace back to the trendline triangle at E but be looking at those gann level bounce, it is not likely.

Other than that we are heading for a major breakout, we are the smart money people we got this silver at $230! Let's ride this train to 400 and above :) My estimates on this is more than 1000K due to the massive channel.

Meanwhile, if you are bored this will give you an insight into my trading strategy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfnBW6Hv.... Triangle within Triangle.

Holding long and strong :D
Similar triangle formed on Saturday night. It took a while for this scenario to play out though (12 hours). Let's hope this works out again. There was one thing that was completely different; LTC was in uptrend for 10 hours when it formed.
Avasreader afterforever
@afterforever, I can see this is the way its going to play out if this type of action continues.
afterforever Avasreader
@Avasreader, I know, I am such a downer :D
Avasreader afterforever
@afterforever, Waite a minute, isn't 261 the breakout zone! If the chart says 269 as the high, which means its the breakout! buyers will be waiting at 162ish area. I will publish another one.
afterforever Avasreader
@Avasreader, My possible entry is $242.10. Subject to change, of course. Not looking good at the moment though.
Thanks! Good stuff @230. Math!
You did a fantastic job TA'ing this. Thank you. It's not a science, so that's fine if it doesn't work out :) I try not to be a believer when it comes to things like markets, but BTC begins to look more and more bearish. Others may diverge while it is growing or going side ways, but everything will drop together with it. So, personally, I am going to sit on sidelines until the trend reverses.
Avasreader afterforever
@afterforever, I am still bullish, but it can go either way from now... This is the make or break point for LTC and I thought people should decide.
afterforever Avasreader
@Avasreader, In a long run I am bullish, too. And I don't want it to break either, coz I wanna keep on making money :) (since I can't short on GDAX grrr...)
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Avasreader afterforever
@afterforever, True... better safe than sorry
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