Time and price predictions for the following months in Litecoin

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
Quick prediction for the following months in Litecoin.
Time will tell the final story.


I have my prediction dipping to about 67-68, but I guess 70 is a SAFE number.
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wtf is dis
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@LitecoinGuy it’s called a chart, and the little sticks are called candles sticks.
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LitecoinGuy, it hurts my eyes
haha, I love it. I wish it comes to 50. i will buy tons of it
That’s kind of my rage as well. Just like playing it safe.
lol, where on earth did you come up with this?
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1. If I show you how I came up with it, it will take to long to show you.
2. If for some reason I disregard the time it will take me to show you, I don't believe you will comprehended what I would show you.
3. But lets say that for some insane miracle you happen to understand the content I show you.... A magician never reveals its secrets.

4. Be glad you where one of the few that will see this master piece, a look into the future of Litecoin.
5. Trade safe my friend!
SwingingCrypto, ill give you all my litecon if it takes that long just to get to $200. lol

It'll be more like $2000
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