BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
can't remember what was the thing back in 2013 when we pumped to 55 but fontas was giving 1 ltc to every user that pasted an address on btc-e trollbox. good old btc-e days. the 2017 pump was well pushed with segwit with some panic around signaling. think we can expect a similar thing this year, price will be pushed with new interest, mostly investors and of course mumble hype. it took ltc 1316 days to retest 2014 top, similarly ~1211-1250 days to retest the 2018 top. if the top-to-top timeframe of 211 bars is true, top could be reached in late 2021. these charts seem to have some time relation. adx and vfi showing similar condition as in mid 2017. some charts are showing august as a time of changes. we can expect btc bulls to make some traps before entering blowoff phase. longterm, the next strong push above 1000 usd might not be the whole story, re-evaluate once it happens. keep in mind ltc top 100 addresses are holding 50% of all ltc while on btc this number is somewhere around 15% showing ltc is more centralized in means of coin distribution. ltc usually blows off after big ones do. this should have been ltcbtc chart. ride safe.


I remember those days.
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