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T1 is measured projection

1/ Cornas not getting any better some think this is just the beginning they say ALL countries will stop (BAN) flow of people in and out of their countries (one guy did anyway)

2/ Vaccines take 1.5 to 2 years to get too market extensive testing is required by law and last thing people want is to kill people with bad antidote drugs.

3/ Mathematical models predict upto 75% of the worlds population could get infected only 1% of the worlds population has been infected todate.

4/ Infectious disease expert


all markets are pure gambling. Including gov't bonds.
Let me answer this type of FUD for anyone willing to read it. Why wouldn't it make sence? People are willing to give a price for something that can potentially become a game changer. For the world and for their own lives. It's an emerging tech market just like any other we have known in the past. Suppose someone who can miss that money, buys 1 bitcoin at 4k during this bear market and then closes his eyes for a couple of years. It goes to 0, who cares? It goes to 1M, yeah baby! Is that a stupid strategy? No, everyone should try something like that! For the rest, the market is what it is, just like any other market. The big guys distributed their assets to people who thought going to 10k again was a new beginning. In classic markets you have bankers talking people into such silly moves. Legal scammers I call that. Even worse than this market... For the rest, we live before, during and after corona, be careful but don't worry too much.
NZ_Shareman DaSmooth
@DaSmooth, Not itme for gambling though : )
DaSmooth NZ_Shareman
@NZ_Shareman, in my reply, I never said going to 0 isn't a possibility. I need to thank you for pointing out that possibilty because it's very necessary to understand that it can happen. But no need for FUD either. There is still much potential.
Don't see LTC going down this far
NZ_Shareman TF-Trader141
@TF-Trader141, Thing is people are getting their cash out of markets because they are worried when was the last time you heard of whole countries closing down, the USA banning 29 European countries from entering their country the Spy has dropped 29% in basically 2 wks look into the latest News "Corona Virus" "Stock Market" on Youtube filter today.
The world has never seen anything like this.
TF-Trader141 NZ_Shareman
@NZ_Shareman, doesn’t explain the price going to certain levels based off of fundamentals. Either it crashes with the stuff going on or it doesn’t