Litecoin it's turn bullish!!! I'm continue bought to trade!!!

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
Hello guys, in this special and nice analysis, Litecoin it's turn to going to bullish sentiment soon. At the moment, I add another 15 Litecoin contract to long position toward the $300 USD, my target profit. Now, that mean, I pur a buy order limit at $150 USD, there's a highly possibility that Litecoin going to up in H8 timeframe.

As we break out this bulish rising wedge , in my first trade that was an entry at $134 USD approximately, I'm in profit right now in my tradng app, I use Prime XBT and other app like phemex to trade cryptocurrency.

I see that Litecoin have a good point to entry to continue bought Litecoin and multiply our Bitcoin or satothis to long term until the $300 USD. In my past trade I invest 11 LTC contract and I'm in profit from the $134 USD. Now, I add my second trade to entry around of $150 USD, that it's mu buy order limit with SL at $138 USD and my target wil be the $300 USD. Now, in the first trade, I put break even at $138 USD, and that it's an update for you to protect your first entry in Litecoin.

Noticed that if we re-continue bought Litecoin contract into this bullish trend until the $300 USD. imagine that we can to earn a lot satoshis or Bitcoin . So, personally Litecoin it's show an interesting trend to trade in long positon and following their trend.

Look in 3 Daily chart , Litecoin it's so, but so bullish toward the $300 USD, and for that, I will going to re-continue to keep this position to longe becuase I have a forecast that Litecoin could to hit the $300 USD in medium term. For that, it's my own strategy to accumulate Bitcoin , now I will going to apply the following, each that I put in break even the previously trade, I can to re-buying Litecoin contract to keep this position to longer. We see that Litecoin confirm this Fibonacci level at 0.382% to continue invest in Litecoin and make trade. Personally I make trade.

And if Litecoin closed the Daily candlestick bullish , Litecoin it's could to show an interesting trade toward the $180 USD!!!

Guys, if you're found out interesting this idea to use Litecoin to re-continue buying until the $300 and earn satothis or Bitcoins in your crypto broker, please comment if you going to open up a second trade of Litecoin and protect your first trade with Break Even at $138 USD if you entry in my past trade at $134 USD that I send you my past signal when Litecoin was into this bullish rising wedge . I invite to share my analysis with other traders to get an idea to have a trading plan if you're interestign to trade Litecoin, becuase personally, based in my opinion, Litecoin show an interesting trade to longter and re-continue buying Litecoin contract toward my profit at $300 USD.

I add my 2 past analysis in my link to related ideas if you're interesting to read!!!


Foe that, Id reccomend ro bought your wecond trade independent how much Litecoin lota you want to ibvest and also following my criteria
Hello. I change my buy order limit to entry in the markwt peice. I wntry around at $152.10 because the H4 ita bulliah and as ee see this litrle correction. the candlestick in H4a couls to closed up