Short-Mid term analysis of LTC

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
I typed this already, but apparently my idea didn't publish, so this time it will be brief and joke-less.

Basically the daily RSI looks like a double bottom , but still in a downtrend (dotted line), so maybe if it goes sub-30 again we could see a strong push past resistance levels, which I see around 180-190. If there's sufficient volume , maybe a trend reversal is at play?! (PLEASE comment with any constrictive criticisms, I'm learning all I can).

My not-so-sure price targets are around 115, 105, and 100. I always play in conservatively, so I'm setting buys around.... not that low haha. As I get more familiar with trading and more confident in my abilities to analyze and click buttons, I'll place lower buys. For now, just gradually accumulating.

So far we are still in a downward channel , and my hope is that once/if RSI daily hits sub-30, we will see a bounce and break out of this forsaken bear market. May be a few days/weeks though. I'm still not sure at all.

Peace and hair grease.

P.S. this aint financial advice. DYOR. Remember that I'm a noob who still gets his ideas from Magic Poop Cannon and a few others. But this analysis was mostly done by me.