BYBIT:LTCUSDT.P   LTCUSDT Perpetual Contract
I like what LTC could be ahead of its EoY forecasts.... this chart is a quick short term rally. Come Summer time the real festivities kick off. I will be adding LTC to the portfolio. I think its an excellent option for people who feel priced out of ethereum and bitcoin. The demand hasn't even really begun, anticipate steady demand & incremental climbs. Those who understand market will be able to leverage experience. Hypothetically bitcoin could go to 10k and i think consumer confidence would hold current pricing levels. Technicals signal strong buy.... and in discussions w/ peers we're in consensus on how good the return could be for LTC.

I could see steady demand intensifying the closer we get too Q4. Temporary cooling periods are getting shorter and shorter. Those who understand Litecoin, will understand why we're climbing in steps. LTC loyalists know what time it is. Circle the months of June, & July.

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