Litecoin (LTCUSDT ) Ready for $450 ...?

BINANCE:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / TetherUS
#LTCUSDT TA Update:-

$LTC currently trading at $186

I am Short term bullish on $LTC

Support 1 is my entry point.

Entry:- $175-$187
Buy partially only not once

Targets:- $228/$308/$458

SL:- If daily time frame any candle close below $175 then exit

I am Only buying in spot.

Support: $175/$141/120
Resistance:- $228/$308/$458

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I am really trying to understand the diffrance between trading a token with USDT/Pair.
When you predict by technical analisis that LTC is targeted to 456$ do you think it is possible when BTC is in the range of 35-40K ?
if so then both USTD/BTC pair should raise by ~x2.5
And if for exapmle BTC will go up to the ranges of 50K and LTC is at 450$ then USDT made x2.5 and BTC pair made x1.9 but i still have made the same amount in $
So if if belive the BTC is the ruler and for the long run he would remain the KING then when i see a trade that is suggested in USDT i can buy his BTC pair or i am missing somethong here that i dont trade USDT ?
Ready to go under 100 ..
Thank you Mr. Patel.
No update on reef patel?
Thanks patel.