LITECOIN - Time to Look at the 'Silver'' of Cryptos

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Yes guys,

if Bitcoin is Gold , Litecoin is Silver. The two complement each other.

I have shown a clear tendency here to switch focus (and posts) between different assets at different times.

First it was Bitcoin from 12,000 to 40 ,000, the Ethereum , then Enjin (got in at 20cents, stopped posting at the highest point ), the Cardano (and Kusama), recently Bitcoin again and now focus will start shifting towards Litecoin.

Not convinced about Litecoin being 'Silver'to Bitcoin?
Well take a look at the MarketCap today 8 years ago and think for yourself:

- Bitcoin

Crazy right? Things change fast but some things stay the same. Litecoin is a late runner- a phase B asset and it will wake up and rise higher in due time. I will try to get you on it again before that happens.

For now, this my updated chart for you all.

ps. Throughout my journey in TradingView (been here for almost a year) I have met people who add to my game. This is from my new friend Mark:

'LTC behaves that way. in 2017 it barely moved for the first months, then 100x. It belongs to second market cap historically.'- he is right

Time to start looking at Litecoin again guys.

We had Bitcoin breaking all time highs, then Cardano and Ethereum . Litecoin will be next.

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when it will grow bro ?
dat namecoin is 641 rank now and peercoin 565 rank now.
things change so fast in crypto.
i gues all these crypto coins in binance will have the same fate only a few will survive
@Oacen, things are quite different now, the market is still maturing though.