Macy's? I'm Long Lmao

NYSE:M   Macy's Inc
Kinda doing this one for fun, it's cheap with low risk. (Tight stop). Macy's is at a pivotal point, and is trying to reverse the bear trend, which is still apparent on the weekly chart. Fundamentally, it's a dead business, with -$259M in revenue and with insiders owning only 0.12% of shares. Long term is still bearish but I think price action is just doing it's thing on the daily. Also was this stock targeted by the short squeeze crowd before? Regardless I just think the chart looks kinda neat on the daily lol.
Trade active: Yoo up 5% today! Weeklies were a 4 bagger, my long exp call was up 50%! Bought into a weekly EOD for low risk continuation.
Trade active: Just made another 20% LFG