Invest in Amazon in the long run

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Amazon is a business of e-commerce American based in Seattle . It is one of the giants of the Web , grouped under the acronym GAFAM 5 , alongside Google , Apple , Facebook and Microsoft .

The initial activity of the Amazon company concerned the distance selling of books , before the company diversified into the sale of cultural products, then merchants. Today, some food products can also be ordered through Amazon.

Created by Jeff Bezos injuly 1994, the company went public on NASDAQ inMay 1997.

The French subsidiary of Amazon opened in 2000. In 2016, Amazon became the first non-food distributor in France in terms of turnover 6 .

In 2017, the company employed 541,900 people worldwide and established, in addition to the original American site, opened in 1995, specific sites in many countries.