Mastercard stock forecast

NYSE:MA   Mastercard Incorporated
Based on the unique methodology I use to forecast the market we could have already started the final wave to the upside. the here is also a confluence of the 0.618 Fibonacci at that same level, which reinforces the importance of that threshold if the stock were to take a breather in the following days.

Using these levels as key pivots for my Mastercard stock price prediction, the outlook for MA shares remains bullish .

This means that any dip at this point could be taken as a buying opportunity as the stock could end up resuming its latest uptrend with a first target set at MA’s latest all-time high of $400.

Meanwhile, if that level is to be broken, a brand new bullish phase could be around the corner with a first target set at $450 – the -0.270 Fibonacci extension .

The potential upside in any of those scenarios remains tied to the entry price while buying today’s dip could end up offering a four and 30 per cent return if those targets are hit.

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