How To Draw Support And Resistance For Maximum Profits

BINANCE:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
This is an advanced tactic that no one ever talks about, but I'm going to expose one of the biggest insider secrets in trading.

When drawing your support levels, make sure that it's as thick as you can make it. Use the biggest font possible and make sure you bold the lettering. This gives you a higher probability that the price can't fall through to lower levels.

The same goes for when drawing resistance. Make it very weak and thin with small font so that price can pass easily to your targets. I prefer to use the dashed line myself.

Drop some of your favorite charts below and show me how thick your supports are.

**This is obviously a parody designed to make you laugh. Give it a like if it made you smile .**
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No wonder we dropped from 6k to 3k! I drew a thin line as support at 6k! Sorry guys! :/
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Hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh Jacob
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Haha! Nice one
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Ha! I don't just like it... I LOVE it!!! Thanks JC =)
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mana getting ready to move it

Interesting idea
this is how a scam chart looks like.... only a gambler would be in such thing
Tnx Jacob. May I ask why you started the support zone from 16 feb and not from let's say end December.