MATIC/USDT has been rising since Dec 2020 quite wonderfully while maintaining the uptrend. It has fairly taken support on "50-Day EMA" multiple times now and if by chance it breaks it this time due to BTC's movement than immediate support at "Uptrend Line" in white.
As of now it is forming Symmetrical Triangle which has a potential to break either side (Upside or Downside) and one thing to mention here is regardless of what the TA is saying Matic (POLYGON) is an interoperability and scaling framework for building interconnected blockchain networks .It is one of the good projects with strong Fundamentals and reliable partnerships (You can read more about it more on CoinMarketCap) which has scope of high returns in the future.

For Educational Purposes Only (DYOR).

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Comment: Uptrend Line Broken. What's next ?


up up up we go
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@Shreya9350, Yes, we will.
I think we are about to make some money on MATIC. I appreciate the value of TA but nothing can replace knowledge of these platforms and using them to understand what they do, especially in these early days. MATIC/Polygon isn't the only or final solution for ETH scaling but they have a product that works and is currently helping solve a huge problem. The market caps of some of these platforms that havent done anything or added any value at all is insane (ADA, SOL, etc).
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@juicy833, Yes, can't agree more. It all depends on which projects you seem to understand and what their goal/purpose is (few of some important aspects of investing), Fundamentally speaking.