MBII - Smart money Long from current price to $1.43 & higher.

NASDAQ:MBII   Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc
MBII came into our smart money scan as it had 26 million dollar worth insider purchase on 7th Feb. On the technical side it seems running within an upward channel & now heading to its upside resistance. We think it has a good chance to hit $1.43 shortly.

* Trade Criteria *
Date First Found- February 15, 2018
Pattern/Why- Momentum upward trade
Entry Target Criteria- Current price ($1.26)
Exit Target Criteria- $1.43
Stop Loss Criteria- $1.04
Indicator Notes- Twiggs money flow crossed to the positive zone.
Special Note- 26 million dollar purchase on 7th February, 2018

Please check back for Trade updates. (Note: Trade update is little delayed here.)

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