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Hi Traders!
Here it is. A good news regarding Monaco. They finally managed to issue their Visa pre-paid card.
They enables you to pay as you go in the all shops which accept Visa so it means almost everywhere.
So they tell they have over 100 000 cards reservations. First part is available only for the Singapore residents.
What does that mean? I order to use it, you will have to buy MCO tokens first and then pay for the goods you want to purchase. It means it creates a massive demand on this coin which will be definitely reflected in the price level.
If you are the one who actually ordered it and within a couple of days will be using this remember that all cryptocurrency exchanges to fiat currency take place before users transact on Visa network.

Here are technical analysis details:
• The price is at the very bottom on the Fib scale - the price has just bounced from the level of 0
Ichimoku Cloud -The chart has crossed TenkanSen. TenkanSen has crossed KijunSen. All the above has happened over the cloud. This is very bullish
MACD - positive divergence and solid cross through zero
• Last height at 0.00085865 just crossed
• Weis Volume – lots of demand and no supply on the horizon

Fibonacci levels to achieve:
1. 0.00124415 (short)
2. 0.00161791 (short)
3. 0.00192000 (mid)
4. 0.00222208 (mid)
5. 0.00265216 (long)
6. 0.00320000 (long)

Stop- loss: 0.00064000

So Guys! Are you in?
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WBM Team
Comment: MACD and Ichimoku
Comment: Weis Volume
Comment: The possible short-term scenario with MCO and Elliot Waves
Comment: Continuation of the uptrend? Looks like it is. Pennant.
Comment: As they have just started sending their VISA cards we should have more positive info from the market soon thus demand should appear and the rise of the price too.
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