MCO could gain 500% in Satoshis by Valentines Day

MCO is Monaco.

Could be bullshit. all ALTS are shitcoins, and I own them all. Buy the Story and lock in profits in bitcoin .

All of the money flowing into crypto has to be spent. It's not practical to sell to coinbase and eat the fees. BCH and MCO appear to be the leading contenders to allow people to pay for a meal with Crypto. Swipe the card, the vendor gets local currency, and we spend .00023 ETH on a steak dinner for our honey.

I established a new position in MCO yesterday.

Highest purchase was 100 MCO at .000896. - that was an emotional FOMO purchase

Lowest purchase was 100 MCO at .000761. - that one triggered when I was sleeping.

YouTuber Haejin Lee has a recent video:
Monaco ( MCO ): UBER BULLISH!!

Over the course of the next week to 4 months, this has the potential to run 500%

I am laddering is some buys at much cheaper levels in case it spike dips and I can lower my average down.

I will be looking to start selling portions of MCO at:
.0016 - if we get here, you can trade half of your MCO back to BTC and whatever MCO you have left would be free.

This is just practice. shout out to all the crypto piggies of the world.

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