Bullish on this long term but for the time being I believe the price may correct itself in a cool-down after its breakout.

MACD- showing signs of slowing as the fast indicator is reversing path
RSI- showing a clear, yet slow uptrend.. we may see the RSI approach the yellow line... may not hit it exactly
SAR - we have our TOP dot, meaning the parabolic movement is reversing hence, stop and reverse

Price levels I am personally anticipating: I'm looking at the $0.55-0.6 zone, but keep on eye on your EMA's and SAR and other indicators

These are my ideas and not financial advice, Happy Trading


You're doing great
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Has your analysis changed based on the recent uptrend?
DmChaos3 sofiepearl
@sofiepearl, i still believe the 0.6$ area to be a potential bottom once mmed comes off its high... 0.8 is a strong area as well. The momentum beat out the indicators and caused a fake out so this is technically invalided. No need to worry, things dont go up forever especially in such a young industry so there will be many chances for strong returns