MNMD Long based on Fundmntls, Lvls and MetaWorldCrypto indicator

NASDAQ:MNMD   Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc
Hypothesis: pharmaceutical company price depressed due to conflict between management and investor, price artificially low due to FUD.

Confluence on W1 charts:
1. Price near ATL and 2020 support levels (year of IPO), see Early 2020 Support, and 2020 Support Levels.
2. Advanced RSI in oversold band with three Regular Divergence -Bullish signals
3. Setups & Trends also showing same three Regular Divergence - Bullish signals (same signals as above)
4. StRSI <10% with K crossed up D

Confluence on H1 chart
1. Price below Early 2020 and 2020 support levels and bouncing off Oct 2022 support.
2. Setup & Trend and Advanced RSI showing three Regular Divergence - Bull signals

Position: Entered at $2.82 with SL at $2.70, TP1 at $3.75
Risk Management: RR 7.75, Portfolio Risk % 0.43%, SL% Loss 4.26%, TP1% Gain 32.98%
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