no World War 3 - better be long MOEX

hi fellow traders,

since very long time that such a simple theme popped on my radar and it is so easy to lay down the reasoning.

all is based on a single geo-political fact, war world 3 to happen or not, if happens I assume that all stock markets will free fall, crash, and get demolished. including MOEX .
if world war 3 will not start, we have the MOEX as attractive long for the following reasons:

1- commodities rally of recent months to serve MOEX and the Russian Ruble very well, they are going to cash the commodities rush.
2- the Russian Ruble is heavily oversold, its handling by the Russian central bank is very healthy and offers great nominal carry reward, MOEX is quoted in Rubles.
3- if we get off the headlines of the "news" institutions/organizations, Russia is definitely a young tiger wishing to turn into a great tiger.

remember, central bank with positive real yields is strong signal for very healthy macro policy running the economy.

in case you are interested, I have list of specific listed companies that are on my buy and hold list, the investment theme includes calculation made for future dividends and in general it is a theme for the next 3-10 years with clear targets for scale-out / scale-in activities during the journey every 8/21 weeks cycle depends on each specific listed stock within the theme. for that you need to contact me directly.

so, risk is world war 3 and reward is best available investment in a currency and stock index directly exposed to commodities bull/boom/flight cycle.

the ideas are mine, the decision is yours!

good luck
Trade active: I am into the position with 8% of my portfolio, and holding.
I know why I went into this theme. means that total wipe is possible.

let us see what some moons further will do to that.
again, an INVESTMENT as shared in advance, not a trade!

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