Merko - rock solid construction company that'll only get better

Get in by the 26th for a fat 10% dividend or buy for more than 10% cheaper just after. Construction lags economic crises, it's a great company overall, there's sell pressure from institutional holders trying to get out of Eastern Europe. What could go wrong? : )
Comment: I wasn't expecting it to remain this strong. Well, all the more reason to buy I guess...
Comment: Patience may be a virtue, but damn...
Comment: If the market would've been open I would have FOMO'ed. Going to think about this vs NCN1T tomorrow.
Comment: Insiders know something - top accounts haven't sold AT ALL. 10% have increased positions.
Comment: It's on sale. Latvians are searching their local subsidiary's office.
Comment: CEO won't continue for a new term...guess he doesn't want to be at the helm when the next financial crisis hits?
Trade active: I remember how sad I was the last 2 times I missed a buy opportunity, so 112 x 8.88 it is.
Trade closed manually: Sold 9.36, need money for new year.
Trade active: I've a gut feeling the dividend's gonna be phat again. Bought 183 x 10.55.
Comment: Gamble failed this time. No biggie, going to cash out the dividend then.
Comment: Strange that it has recovered even this much with a Depression given, dividend cancelled, etc.
Comment: Could scalp this in little bits. EMA 200 is 8.86, it was 9 just recently, now wouldn't be the worst time to buy.
Trade closed manually: Closed at exact breakeven, slow as molasses, large fund selling possibly up to 600k, need money to yolo on the American market.