NASDAQ:MRKR   Marker Therapeutics, Inc
After recapturing its 200 DMA a week ago on meaningful volume , the shares of MARKER THERAPEUTICS INC - NASDAQ;MRKR have found themselves consolidating the recent move in a constructive and orderly manner as is evidenced in the Daily chart above.

With the stock now trading above all of its important moving averages 20/50/200 DMA's, the technical posture is favorable for MRKR.

In addition, there are potential catalysts for the stock forthcoming in the weeks ahead, in particular, Marker Therapeutics is to Report Updated Results from Phase 1/2 Trial with MultiTAA Therapy in Patients with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma on July 20, 2019.

Thus, moving forward, both investors/traders may want to continue to monitor the action closely and should MRKR be capable of going topside of the $8.15 figure at any point in the days ahead, we suspect that the stock may just have eyes for the $9 - $10 zone once the present consolidation runs its course.
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