[MRNA] Attempting to Pin Down Hyperbolic FOMO... Gonna Tank?

NASDAQ:MRNA   Moderna, Inc
Nothing too serious here, just an observer on this one. One of my biggest regrets, I pumped money into INO instead of MRNA when they were both cheap when the smart play was covering the field. Noob move... alas, there's always another stock to chase.

Anyway, here's a decent stock architecture for anyone playing this. Basically I'm just hoping it dips super low temporarily to $30-$40 on a market crash or something and would absolutely pick this up, otherwise it's long gone outside my playing field. Who knows, maybe it'll collapse anyway simply without enough news to keep it pumped, we'll see.

Vaccine news will pump and dump these stocks for the next 18 months lol so great segment to jump into if you're swing trading.

Probably not the best idea to buy now. Vaccine (and revenue!) is 12-18 months away. Hype alone won't hold these prices up.