Stocks - Moderna Nu Pump and Dump

NASDAQ:MRNA   Moderna, Inc
Idea for MRNA:
- Contrarian bet
- Investors believing that Nu variant will be a boon for Moderna and vaccine stocks.
- I think the opposite. Exit for Vaccine pump and dumpers before the bear market.
- Either the Nu var is a ruse, and we dont need boosters ( bearish MRNA )
- Or Nu var is resistant to all vaccines ( bearish MRNA )

Either way, very cheap to fade it right now.

Long 225P Dec 17 (1.00) debit

Comment: It's actually the Omicron variant not Nu
Comment: It looks like not only was my assessment correct, but I was correct in both cases at once.

South Africa claims the symptoms are 'mild'.
Moderna CEO: "Reduced effectiveness of vaccine for Omicron".
Trade closed: target reached: Closed for 3.00 credit, +200% gain, could go lower but looking for other opportunities now.
Comment: "I took a malicious pleasure in making money by selling short stocks that were institutional favorites." - George Soros