Don't fomo into MRNA...yet

NASDAQ:MRNA   Moderna, Inc
MRNA made a huge leap on Friday going front $133 to $144.
I believe MRNA will resume bullishnes as long as the market remains stable and bullish BUT, MRNA could drop to around $135 before continuing to go up.

It still has a way to go on the RSI indicator and EMA's still haven't passed over. If MRNA exists the channel be ready for more mooning to come.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is purely my opinion and thought about this stock, do your own research before going into MRNA .
Comment: MRNA is on the way to form a double bottom which can accelerate a rebound. I missed the last time to buy at 136.50 because it didn't go as down as i expected.
Comment: MRNA has a huge boom today due to J&J vaccine getting paused, previous resistance might act as a support. Keep an eye on it.
Comment: Important moment, MRNA hit resistance at 160. If it does hold it could go back down again if it breaks through expect ATH.
Order cancelled: To those that followed my analysis and bought at around $120 I would suggest to close your trade, MRNA has hit a resistance of $170 which last time it happened, it dropped a lot.


IBB has been underperforming NDXT for a few weeks now and not participating in the recovery bounce. It will close the gap, and high quality story names like MRNA will be big parts of that rally. Absent a full market meltdown, I expect Friday was likely the beginning of a return to much higher ground.
i don't expect multi billion earning reporting by May. Pfizer still haven't get paid from Israel yet!
Don't fomo into mrna yet? Pretty sure we've all done that at least 3 times in the past year :)
What are your thoughts?