MRNA tells you the real story of the last year!

NASDAQ:MRNA   Moderna, Inc
Look at that parabolic move on the Weekly chart of Moderna . This one chart tells you whats really been going on this last 18 months.

Remember when earlier this year we had EU & US politicians trying to undermine the AZN UK/Swe vaccine? Why? Because it was sold at cost as opposed to Moderna and Pfizers vaccines which sold for profit. Those politicians need those campaign dollars for re-election!

Last week we had both Moderna and Pfizer raise the prices of the Covid 19 Vaccine Shots. The next day or so we heard Western Governments talking about how we'd all need to be taking 6 monthly booster shots of the vaccine. Any coincidence there perchance?

Well you can see what impact all that has had on the MRNA share price. A 5-8 fold increase in the last 12-18 months. Nice work if you bought in early.


Coincidences are just gods way of staying anonymous 🤫