Mr Price acquisition boosting the stock

Mr Price

Mr Price is looking very good at the moment. The stock was boosted by the acquisition of Yuppiecheff announcement. I’m waiting for a close above 19360c level. The last time the stock closed above this level was in july 2919. If we get a close above 19360 I will add to my position and trail my stop loss accordingly.

Trade Summary 22 March 2021
Average entry: 18283c
Position size: 6.4
Stop loss: 16670c
Risk: +10323c
Risk%: -1.24%
Comment: Account balance: R8013.80
Entry: R182.83
Stop loss: R166.70
Risk per share: -R16.13
Quantity: 6.4
Risk ZAR: -R161.32
Risk: -1.29%
P&L: +R73.09 (+0.91%)

The stock is moving quite nicely. I was waiting for a close above 19360. We closed at 19425c on Friday. This is the highest close we’ve had since July 2019. I’m going to add to my position market open on Monday. Adding about 0.7% risk on the trade. Also pulling my stop loss to 17635c
Comment: Mr Price

Everage Entry: R189.16
Quantity: 12.9
Stop loss: R176.4 (-R12.76 risk per share)
Profit/Loss if stop is hit ZAR: -R164.60 (-2.10%)

Waiting for a close above: R202.50