Microsoft is Bullish since 2009

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What is Run and Bump Reversal and what does it mean?

Can we learn from studying about the past?

Of cource, that is what we always have done !!!

Please compare with my other chart on Apples Bump and Run Reversal (BARR)

Is this what will happen to Apple? Yes! I think it is obvious :)


Take note of Feb. 14 to March 13th 2000 run in MSFT
Apple is set to do more or less the same. Apple will come in with huge earnings and announce a deal with China Mobile et al, adding more or less 60 to 100 billion to the market cap.

How much of a bounce depends on Congress. The question becomes ... Increase the debt ceiling and push back the fiscal cliff or Increase the debt ceiling and let the cards fall as they may.We do the latter and the economy will tank. We're talking about Washington. Nothing will change until we have a crisis. Congress will do little to nothing about the fiscal cliff, kick the can, and increase the debt ceiling