MSFT wave count signals S&P reversal nearby (market crash)

NASDAQ:MSFT   Microsoft Corp
I've been closely monitoring MSFT             for the last month as I use it as an indicator of S&P             reversal. MSFT             has a very nice and clear wave structure which between 2000 and 2015 looks like a flat correction (wave A down do 14.87, wave B up to 49.51, retracing 88.6% of the initial decline). Wave C - still to be observed.

I am watching for the last wave 5 of the last wave 5 to complete the ascending wave B and then a decline will start which will bring us to below 14.87 in the impulsive wave 5.

What seems to have started yesterday is precisely this missing piece: the last ascending wave C. I exited my earlier short position in S&P             which I opened at the last high of 2132, and waiting for another top to form in MSFT             and consequently in S&P             in order to re-enter. I expect this to happen next week - with all other markets aligned: Crude will get to its top of the wave 5, DXY             and Gold             will complete its correction. all will be set for a good reversal.

While the reversal of S&P             is taking quite some time, I am firmly convinced that the reversal will happen at around the current levels - it just takes some time for the big machine to brake and turn around. But this will happen. And God save those who are still long.
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