MSFT 'holy grail' setup with 2.6 risk reward ratio

MSFT             analysis in 1 hour chart.

MSFT             completed minimum wave C of the ABC pattern and also nailed top of the day into the leading indicator called Decision Point. After MSFT             opened the day into resistance, it start to create swing down. In this analysis i have created two support levels where i am waiting MSFT             to nail lows.

I have high confidence that MSFT             will hit at least 'Target 1' at $41,92 with R/R 2.6
More advanced traders may try to find bottoms at the 'Target 2'
This 60 min MSFT was another losing trade idea. In my opinion, pattern was clear, but markets were not agreement with my idea. Minor ABC pattern did not lead MSFT to lower decision point (target 1). MSFT did not even got the breakeven level. MSFT found support level in around $43, while I had target at $41.92. Both targets, 1 and 2 stayed untouchable.

-1R in this trade.