$MSFT Support Bounce or Shoulder Building 6/7

NASDAQ:MSFT   Microsoft Corp.
We are in pivotal part of the market where investors or unsure and fear is aplenty. That being said I always trying to come at the market as a day trader and swing trader without being emotionally attached to a stock. I like certain stocks on fundamentals and will buy them again long term, but as a day trader I am only in search of weekly or monthly flings. Those profits go into long term accounts that are mostly sitting in cheap leaps or fundamentally sound stocks with long hedges.

All that being said we could see $MSFT go both ways, and until I see a break I'm not going to pretend that I know what i will do in a supply zone . I have received some flack for my "both ways recently" but during a time of great fear its better to leave your emotional bias at home and look at where things could get messy and be honest with yourself. Just some advice for those of you day trading and if you are in stocks long term, use that same approach to hedge yourself correctly.

Good luck !
Comment: I mispronounced quant. sorry lol

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