Altcoins selection day #1

As i promissed, I will analyze coins, already in my portfolio, or coins I have set order limits. Subscribe to my channel, to be notified about buying the bottom every second day, sometimes every day. The market dictates the tempo.
Today, we talk about Monetha BINANCE:MTHBTC .
Monetha is now on the market over a year and it looks like the team is working behind this project. they have android and ios working app. you can register on their website http://www.monetha. io and start selling products or services on blockchain. More about available and upcoming features on their website, with very good live support.
Anyway the project need much improvements and main features still not working, but on the other side, that is why prices are low and good time to buy. There are many reasons why this is a coin I belive in and investing in it on long run, but with the market situation standing still, on the edge for the whole month, we have a good chance for BINANCE:MTHBTC to pump. I have it already in my portfoluo, but in the green level, i will add more Monetha coins.
Don Lobster wishes you good luck.