Metal (MTL) Enters Long-Term Green (10,000% Potential Profits)

BINANCE:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
We are looking at Metal ( MTLBTC ) on the long-term timeframe (weekly)... Let's see what we have here!

Prices are moving above EMA50 for the first time ever.

There was a failed attempt to break this level in March 2020, we are trying again after 1 year.

Prices closing and staying above EMA50 can lead to really massive growth LONG-TERM.

We have 1700% potential profits if MTLBTC can hit April's 2018 price levels.

We also have 5900% and finally 10,000%+ to a new All-Time High.

Remember, just as we can hit new lows when we are bearish , we can hit new highs when we are bullish .

Thank you my friend!
Happy weekend.

Comment: It is moving now...
It will be nice to see how far it goes.

Enjoy the profits.
Comment: 500%+ To peak price so far...
There will be more.

This is long-term.
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I have no idea what was causing it, but Metal always pump huge when they're reaching the end of March every single year.
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ncosta Iceberg63
@Iceberg63, strange but very interesting.. and its pumping again... let's see if can break EMA50
@ncosta, what would you say a good price would be to TP ? Would it be 5000 SAT or would it reach far higher that makes 5000 SAT looks like a peanut lol
ProtonX11 Iceberg63
@Iceberg63, don’t know why but smells to me some money laundry/scam right there or whatever... although nice that u spot it πŸ‘
sinn1984 ProtonX11
@ProtonX11, but they had updates yesterday. MTL platform (Metal Pay) is accepted like payment in the state of Washington. You can use the platform to pay with crypto in there.
please analyze OMG Network
I think this coin has a great prospect of high growth?

thanks πŸ™πŸ½
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tepliydenek AlanSantana

thank you dear
plz analyze TLM
WOWZA .... !!!!!!
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