AMEX:MTUM   iShares MSCI USA Momentum Factor ETF
Good morning traders, today I have a chart and technical analysis of our favorite ETF , $MTUM!
I would like to preface this by stating all green lines represent supports as well as al red lines represent resistances
MTUM has had quite the significant first half of 2021, and I believe due to the following that we are in for more.
  • Recently, at the beginning of August, we broke from a several month long Ascending Triangle Pattern and retested our support this recent week, solidifying our breakout
  • The bottom-most parallel channel in green is our major support line, formed after the March '20 crash last year, and with MTUM being so near that support, I can't see any currently plotted resistances holding very long. Bulls are in full control it seems
  • We're seeing a bullish divergence on the MACD , unfortunately our RSI is looking to head into overbought territory, however I don't think this will effect us for long, as we're close to a resistance line
  • The Afghanistan Crisis caused a drop in the overall markets this prior week, and MTUM found support by the 50MA and rebounded swiftly.
Currently, we've formed into a short term ascending channel , I believe we'll break to the lower side of this and bounce off of our closest support and ride it until our major parallel channel support before taking off to new heights!

Best of luck, happy trading!