XNO ; NANO - potential phoenix pump to catch

KRAKEN:NANOUSD   Nano / U. S. Dollar
XNO ; NANO - potential phoenix pump to catch

Nano has been a pretty bloody big dissapointment. I kept buying it in our last macro waves to get that 17 style moon pump that never came. oh my dear raibucks what happened? im still addicted to her though..


Here is your hopium;

zoom out to see where those fractals came from and how similar the RSI impulse was/is. 3 options as i see it. the DEPTH on this pull back will show what is right. we want a strong dump to buy, a slower sleady slope down is not a good sign.

will i take the bait again if the shape is right? yes yes i will.

Comment: good dump depth and then massive response back up @@

see if this goes anywhere.

ive got ptsd.
Comment: needs to pump here or around here. or im fuckin bailing again. pos.
Comment: this shape is shit im leaning toward stretched out red or that lame ass flat for ages yellow.