NAS100 - Same as SP500, a bit more extreme. What Fibo tells us?

FX:NAS100   NASDAQ 100 index of US listed shares
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More or less it is same as SP500             chart ( pls             see details in the other post), except that the "parabolic-supersonic" move was even more extreme in NAS100             .
- I just drew a Fibonacci retracement from the 2009 low to the recent top. We can see something very interesting now with this setup. If you check the retracement levels of 0,236 / 0,5 / 0,618, they all perfectly match very important peaks and lows! Can it mean we are ebout to reach the perfect top between 4500-4600 and get to the end of this extreme bullish run?
I also added a trend based Fibonacci extension , which shows if NAS100             blows further up to reach new highs, then it could even reach 5100.

- Wedge in play, still rather bullish <