NATGAS: What goes up must come down

NastyBeer Pro Updated   
Lets keep it simple:

We've got a complete cycle hitting 4.236 fib + fake high missing local 1.13 fib + markets in panic

We had a small H&S pointing to T1: Hit

Whats next?

Expecting a bounce after hitting 0.5 fib @ 7.69 possibly forming a bigger H&S

Hitting 0.5 again after the bounce will trigger the bigger H&S and will quickly lead to 0.618-0.886 ($7.12-$5.86) levels to be tested.

Most likely liquidity below $5.30 will be swept before making any significant upmove

Fall below 1.886 ($4.50) will lead to tests of 1.272 ($4.04) or 1.618 ($2. 40 )

Only a sustainable (!) breakout above the recent high will turn the situation in favor for the bulls

Hold my beer pls


No financial advice, do your own research, don't be stupid
Trade closed: target reached:
here we are on 2.618. bulls would have to hold 1.886 to avoid getting slaughtered