Natural Gas- Follow up of prev. video, the part that was muted

Follow up of previous video, the part that was muted where i talked about natural gas . 27.02.2021 Shout out to Miss S

***what i was was saying last minutes of the video. with the triple box set up. if it breaks and doubles lower it can close the gap lower or breakhigher and double higher. at the moment all i really see and say in an objective point of view is:
1. is a buying tail that closed above support and into the ranging box of a failure to break lower
2. it hit a 1.272 and made it into a buying tail

and the range did hold for a few weeks now, maybe another attempt higher to top of the box might not be bad idea

cons i have in mind is that is a big gap lower, if it dobles down to close the gap, there are buyers