Natural Gas, Immediate term trade and trend [18OCT2021]

Followup to the previous plans, You'll see that I sold almost all of my trade positions last week, but I'm still holding the a small long duration position throughout the winter.
Today signal is short term bearish with "consolidation" background signal. Is it time to buy the dip? I don't know, Sometimes I would like to front-run the code, it is a pure gambling side of mine. Because Deep inside I believe NATGAS will go to 10$ before the holidays. I will start buying the dips incrementally from 5.2
Good luck

PS. Each box span a day, and the code gives short term and long term trends as shown. the trend is shown with the color of the box. The range is calculated on a daily basis.
If you want similar ranges and trends on your ticker, feel free to contact me, I will add them to my list and provide them when the signal is interesting (for free of course)