The New BitShares (NBS) Final Call! (πŸ’΅ Full Trade Inside)

Hello my fellow cryptocurrency trader, how are you doing today?

I've given multiple trade ideas for the NBSBTC daily chart , it has huge potential just like all the others that are still trading below EMA100.

Here, we can see NBSBTC moving above EMA50 today on increasing volume .

We have been seeing consolidation take place now for several months... Any moment, NBSBTC can take off!
If you want more details on this pair, check the previous chart!

The New Bit Shares Trade Signal (NBSBTC | 200%+)

This is not financial advice.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Comment: Really nice and strong bullish breakout for NBSBTC, more green is possible.

Enjoy the profits.
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Thank you Alan! i bought NBS around 3 weeks before after reading your idea.

Thanks πŸš€πŸ˜
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AlanSantana Promazin
@Promazin, I am also earning good on this one but bought only recently.
very nice analysis mate , i will be thankful if you take a look on my ideas too.
thank you , keep us supported.
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Hey @AlanSantana . Any update on NBS please. Up or down?
Thank you
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AlanSantana Hds0990btc
@Hds0990btc, Updated.
Hey alan, first of all I want to thank you! How are you thoughts about the current 18% drop? Do you think it will continue the bullish movement?
thank you!
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impermanence404 casper130105
@casper130105, @AlanSantana, I am also Curious
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I wanted to say thank you! Just by looking at your charts I'm learning a lot! There are tends with all these coins that are doing well! And when i make a profit, I'll definitely use it to buy your service! Thanks again
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AlanSantana antony114
@antony114, Thanks a lot for your support.

It will be great to have you on board.

I'm great TNX, and you ? :)
Almost hit T2 ( 0.0...50 ).