Nucleus Vision 90 Days Flat | More Sideways Or Breakout?

Nucleus Vision ( NCASHBTC ) has been flat for 90 days... This is what we call 'consolidation'.

We've seen ultra bullishness when it comes to crypto... The 2017 Bull Market.
We've also seen ultra bearishness for the altcoins and Bitcoins ... The 2018 Bear Market.
And now we are seeing the calm before the storm.

Nucleus Vision Chart Analysis
  • NCASHBTC has been holding the same low/support for 90 days. This low is now sitting at 10 satoshis (0.00000010 BTC ).

  • At the same time its price has been ranging between 10-12 satoshis, this is the trading range.

  • The MACD continues moving higher while prices are moving lower. Bullish divergence .

  • The same is going on with the RSI .

  • Trading volume is coming to a halt. Since prices were dropping, this means that the sellers are losing momentum.

  • The RSI is strong even while this pair is trading at all-time lows...

Now, this setup can produce one final drop before NCASHBTC starts to grow/move up. This would be a sudden drop followed by a strong bounce... The 'v' bottom/drop we are seeing on many altcoins charts including the "fake breakdown' for Bitcoin .

So it is very likely that Nucleus Vision will grow once this consolidation phase is done.

All the details are shared on the chart and description above.

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Comment: Moving UP!
Comment: Targets:

(1) 15 -Hit 25-Aug. (+15%)
(*) 17 -Hit 25-Aug. (+31%)
(2) 18 |Hit 22-Nov. (+38%)
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Is trade still active master..... Nd wat r the targets
alanmasters Samundrass
@Samundrass, You can find the targets on the chart.