$NCASH Nucleus Vision Binance Reversal 1000% Gains

Marketcap 5 Million, and just passed a major downward trendline that was resistance.

I’m expecting great news from the project considering it’s long downward path since it’s original listing on major exchanges such as Binance.

Why did it drop in price? Well why did most cryptos go down in price? Some recover and others dont or take longer to reverse.

Whats $Ncash about? I think supporters of the project can share that. I’m here just on the basics of charts.

I believe I found the next crypto to reverse, to go up in price and to pump. It’s an interesting path this crypto took and hopefully it makes moves sooner than later.

Long term, this could be a good mine. Short term, anything is possible and I’m gonna bring attention to this project.

If more people join me, buy low, we can bring the price up and help this project get more funds to grow.

I believe in this project.