NEAR/USDT (15/6/2021)

What makes NEAR stand out and attract?
NEAR is a native utility token used for:
• Transaction processing and data storage fees.
• Run validator nodes on the network by staking NEAR tokens.
• Used for the admin ticket to determine how to allocate network resources.
NEAR's tools include:
• The NEAR SDK includes standard data structures and testing tools for Rust and AssemblyScript.
• Gitpod for NEAR helps create an integrated experience in no time for developers.
• NEAR Wallet allows application developers to create a streamlined user experience.
• NEAR Explorer is intended to assist in debugging contracts and understanding network performance.
• NEAR Command Line Tools are intended to allow developers to deploy applications from the local environment.

Price forecast in the near future:
- Currently Near is still moving sideways in the price range $2.8-$3.6
- In the next 2-3 days, if NEAR continuously closes the daily candle above the MA(10), it will create a new support area line. There is more motivation to go up back to the old price zone. Provided that the cash flow starts to flow more into the market and spreads to the midcaps
- With the potential and potential of the Near ecosystem, it will reach the price range of $ 15-20 between this time and the end of September.
- RSI and MACD are both trending up again at the same price $4
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