Neblio (NEBL) Another One Ready To Jump! (Easy 175%)

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
Look here at the weekly timeframe for the NEBLBTC altcoin pair... We are going to hit EMA100 for sure or higher next:
Just like APPC and MDA , this one is looking ready to hit the last peak just to continue higher after that.

Give it time and come back!

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Nice analysis
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Good job
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anyone seeing this please do not forget that currently RSI is overbought on daily.. And the MACD is also on the end of the uptrend cycle.
Please dont just buy because Alan says so.
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BelowZero MaxGravity
@MaxGravity, Usually always a good idea to wait for confirmation before getting into any trade. This doesn't mean it will not happen, or that it will happen: It is just a precaution...
alikratos29 MaxGravity

Day 19 of trade :D :D :D cha cha cha after using 1 hundred andicator :D
cha cha cha

he always has disclaimer : this is not financial advice !
Is it relevant?
dear alanmasters Is this analysis valid?
Sir pls cti/usdt in kucoin could you check the chart please