NEO: a breaf explanation

R1 is almost broken up and candles closed above this line. so it's a good sign of a better upward momentum.
R2 is a very powerful resistance, btw it's almost far and there's no need to discuss it.
A: Lead span A is downward right now and for better reliability, we prefer to see an upward slope of this line.
B: Lagging span is above the cloud and price chart and it confirms more confident positive signals based on other indicators.
C: conversion line (blue line) needs to change direction upward. to start another upward movement.

Totally: Neo is very good for the long term. if you've bought way before, you should hold until some conservative signals like breaking down the cloud or moving average can confirm the end of the trend. Also, NEO is very potentialite for short-term trades as well. it

for the short term. don't forget that you have to wait for BTC to close above 49100$. so stay conservative until that moment.