NEXO/USDT 12 Hour Chart Looking into Alt Season 2021

HITBTC:NEXOUSD   Nexo / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
In this idea we see Nexo is falling to support and will start climbing in January. This is confluent with my chart of Bitcoin where Bitcoin will fall into a consolidation region approx January 14th. once Bitcoin has stabilized we will enter a 1-3 month alt season. If you agree throw me a like and follow me for more unique ideas and concepts that keep you in the gains.
Comment: I will update this idea within the next day. it appears the scallops are much larger then previously suspected, but I guess under promising and over delivering is alright lol
Comment: Thank you for waiting patiently for an up date for this one. I readjusted the fib levels and have a target for the last of 3 scallops. I will provide a further analysis after we reach these targets. Thank you for the love, lot of work put into this and its great to see it help folks.